Khadim Moula export terminal

Khadim Moula cold storage and export terminal with more than 35 years of experience in Qazvin province has 2000 tons of capacity above zero and 200 tons of capacity below zero with facilities of dry sheds and sufficient car parking space and the possibility of sorting and packing products at your service, dear producers and exporters. be

Cold room facilities and conditions

Cold halls of the house with different capacities, below zero and above zero

Storage of all kinds of products below zero to minus 40 degrees Celsius

Dry warehouse for storing various goods

Warehouse in the soldier's compound

امکانات دفتری جهت استفاده پرسنل و کارکنان

Telephone lines with data facilities

کلیه امکانات تخلیه و بارگیری و باکس پالت

Storage of various products

Parking lot and broadcast vehicle area

Storage of citrus fruits

نگهداری انواع میوه های تابستانی و زمستانه

Convenient location and easy access to the cities of the country

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Qazvin, Alborz Industrial Town, Gulf of Fars Blvd., Third West Street, No. 7

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